Queer As Folk - The While Love Thing. Sorted Vol.1 (2CD Import) - Used

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2CD Import soundtrack to the original UK Tv series-- some Marks on discs 

1 Queer As Folk Theme
2 Sexy Boy-The Kinky Boyz Featuring Kia
3 Hold That Sucker Down (Skyscraper Mix)-O.T. Quartet
4 Horny (Boris Gets Horny Mix)-Mousset Versus Hot'n'juicy
5 Doin' It-Nathan's Theme
6 Atomic (Xenomania Mix)-Blondie
7 Mamma Mia (Definitive Mix)-Abbacadabra
8 Uh la la la (Almighty's Mighty Mix)-Alexia
9 Found a Cure (Full Intention Club Mix)-Ultra Nate
10 Dep Love (Ruff Mix)-Ruff Driverz
11 Santa Maria (Wah Hey Mix)-Tat Jana

It's Raining Men-The Weather Girls

----CD2 In THE MIX 

13 I Am What I Am-Respect
14 Young Hearts Run Free-Respect
15 Crush-Bianca
16 To Love You More-Rapport
17 Showin' Out-Cinnamon
18 Holiday-Who's That Girl
19 Love Pains-Obsession
20 Was That All It Was-Hannah Jones
21 To Deserve You-Deja Vu
22 Armed & Extremely Dangerous-Respect
23 Everywhere-Indigo
24 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing-Deja Vu
25 What Do I Have to Do-Kia
26 How Could He Do This to Me-Tammy Haywood
27 Don't Speak-Deja Vu
28 Better the Devil You Know-Kia
29 Save Tonight-Jackie 'O'
30 Breakfast at Tiffany's-Jackie 'O'
31 Mouth-Rochelle
32 You Think You're a Man-Full Frontal

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