Re-Flex -- Vibrate Generate [Import] 2 CD Remastered/Expanded CD - New


2022  UK Two CD set. Collecting together various rare, REMIXES and unreleased tracks from across their career. Exclusively for this release, nearly all of the tracks have been remixed. Including two new versions of 'The Politics Of Dancing', songs from their subsequent albums 'Humanication' and 'Jamming The Broadcast' it also features another new song 'Human'. Plus tracks featured within films and that were not previously widely available: 'Life's Too Dangerous' and 'Revolution Now' (both from Superman IV), 'Over The Top' (Over The Top) and 'Cut It' (Break Dance). The album's title song 'Vibrate Generate' was the last-ever recording made by the band to feature drummer Roland Kerridge, who sadly died soon after it was completed. The track has remained unreleased and is their final missing piece, now regarded by the other members to be among their best-ever creations. This new package - which boasts 16 previously unissued recordings

  • - Disc 1 -
  •  Vibrate Generate
  •  Praying to the Beat (Remix)
  •  How Much Longer (Remix)
  •  Wrong Decision (Remix)
  •  Jamming the Broadcast (Remix)
  •  Hitline
  •  Couldn't Stand a Day
  •  Cut It (Music Re-Action Mix)
  •  When Did You Stop Loving Me (Remix)
  •  Revolution Now (Remix)
  •  Sending Out a Message
  •  The Politics of Dancing (Remix)


  • - Disc 2 -
  •  Human
  •  Give It Up
  •  Jamming the Broadcast (Alternative Version - Remix)
  •  Forever and Ever
  •  Something About You
  •  How Much Longer (12" Dance Remix)
  •  Life's Too Dangerous
  •  Hurt (Music Re-Action Mix)
  •  Love at First Sight (Alternative Version)
  •  The Politics of Dancing (Club Mix -Remix)
  •  Over the Top (Remix)
  •  Angry Man (Remix)

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