Release Yourself vol. 9 Roger Sanchez

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 Artist  Roger Sanchez
 Title  Release Yourself vol. 9
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $19.98


Roger Sanchez does it again with "Release Yourself Vol. 9". Just like with last compilations, Sanchez takes us on an amazing dance trip. The Pre-Party/Party CD are full of awesome songs like "Running Faster", "Dreamland", "Her Name Is", "Free The Night", "Meow/Lost", "Whole World Party", "2Gether" and the flashback "Big Love", just to mention a few. Thanks Sanchez for always (year after year) giving us dance music at it's BEST
 Track Listings
  1. Running Faster (Let the Train Come In) [Kimyon's Original Mix]--  feat: Kimyon / Naja Rosa
  2. Dreamland [Original Mix]-  feat: Desy / Katerina / Heikki L
  3. Souvenir [Original Mix]--feat: François A / Manoo
  4. Violet [Gianlucca Motta & Max Castrezzati Remix]  feat: Oscar P / Marcus Pearson
  5. 22 Years [Original Mix] feat: Sabb
  6. No Me Puedo Controlar [Landmark Biokosmos Mix]  feat: The Cube Guys / Landmark
  7. Her Name is [Original Mix]  feat: Kal El / Ralph Laurentius
  8. Analog Sparkles [Solee Remix]  feat: Compuphonic
  9. Free the Night [Yvan & Dan Daniel Remix]  feat: DJ Joe K
  10. Sea Through [Original Mix]  feat: DJ Tarkan / V-Sag
  11. Splinter  feat: Jamie Matrix Spotify
  12. Meow / Lost [Acapella]  feat: Fehrplay
  13. Disc 2
  14. Bromance [Avicii's Arena Mix]  feat: Tim Berg
  15. Wait So Long [Chris Moody Remix]  feat: Dion Mavath
  16. Ghettoblaster [Original Mix] R feat: Afrojack / Bobby Burns
  17. Rule the Generation [Original Mix] Rfeat: Lex Da Funk / Mixin' Marc
  18. Whole World Party [Dom Capello Remix] feat: DJ Disciple / Dawn Tallman
  19. 2gether [Original Club Mix] 
  20. Night Time [Main Club Mix]  feat: Jean Claude Ades / Lenny Fontana / Tyra Juliette
  21. Esther [George F, Eran Hersh & Darmon Blow Mix] feat: Afrojack
  22. Big Love [Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown Remix] Roger Sanchez feat: Suzanne Palmer
  23. Hands Up [Gianluca Motta Wmc Cuban Mix]  feat: Motta's Track
  24. One Life [Original Mix] Roger Sanchez feat: Lewis Cutler / Danny Dove
  25. Sometimes [Johan Wedel Remix]  feat: Dim Chris / Amanda Wilson

$ 19.98

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