Revenge (New Order) - Pineapple Face (US Maxi- CD single) Used

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1990 Maxi CD single.  Revenge was a band formed by NEW ORDER's bassist Peter  Hook  (vocals, bass, keyboards) and Lavolta Lakota and Rawhead singer Davyth Hicks (aka Dave Hicks) on guitar and vocals, together with Chris Jones (keyboards). Revenge formed during New Order's hiatus in 1989-1990.  PINEAPPLE FACE went to #10 on the US Dance Charts.  Lavolta Lakota 

Pineapple Face's Big Day (Ron St. Germain Remix)
2 Pineapple Face (LP Version) 5:32
3 Pineapple Face's Edit 4:15
4 14K  (unreleased)  4:26
5 Bleach Boy   (unreleased)  5:08
6 Pineapple Face Calls It A Day (BONUS) 

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