Ru Paul (RuPaul) Super Glam DQ CD - New

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Artist  Ru Paul RuPaul
 Title  SuperGlam DQ
 Region  USA



Take Ru's CD "GLAMAZON" and remix the best tracks and you get this SUPERGLAM DQ! Direct from RU PAUL herself. Housed in a Card stock sleeve.

New CD sealed. 

Track Listings
  1. Sexy Drag Queen (Jared Jones La Push Remix) [feat. Jipsta] 3:40
  2. Drag U Theme (Gomi High Heels & A Dream Remix) 3:44
  3. Superstar (Hollywood Royalty Remix) 3:55
  4. Glamazon (Jared Jones Break It Down Remix) 3:48
  5. Superstar (Matt Pop Amsterdam Remix) 6:10
  6. Glamazon (Macutchi Up Tut Knuckle Remix) 5:36
  7. Sexy Drag Queen (Chris Thomas Execution-Style Remix) 3:10
  8. Drag U Theme (Jared Jones Movin' On Remix) 3:45
  9. Glamazon (Gomi Tribalistic Remix) 6:47
  10. LadyBoy (Revenge Of The Kingston Queens)

$ 28.00

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