SalSoul Recordings: Various Artist original 12" disco Vinyls L

borderline MUSIC

4 original disco 12" LPs  

is it SAL SOUL or SalSoul?


1. Judy Cheeks - Darling, That Me (1978) b/w Mellow Lovin' 

2. Instant Funk (PROMO) 1979   I Want To Love You  b/w Slap Slap, Lickedy Lap 

3. Double Exposure (Promo) 1979 - I Got The Hots For Ya (8:37) b/w I Got The Hots For ya (7:48)  [note: price sticker center ring side A torn paper) 

4. Double Exposure 1978 - Ten Per Cent (7:07) b/w Ten Per Cent (9:15) [note: black sharpie 'stars' on cent ring side A

$ 22.00

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