Shakespears Sister - Sacred Heart Deluxe Edition /remastered 2CD - New

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 Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama) & Marcella Detroit. -2021 UK's Anniversary 2CD edition- Includes b-sides, demos, Live and all the best ReMIXES>

Run Silent 
Dirty Mind
Sacred Heart
Heaven is In Your Arms 
Twist The Knife
You're History
Break My Heart
Red Rocket
Electric Moon 
Primitive Love
Could You Be Loved
You Made Me Come To This 
Pretty Boy 
Mr. Wrong
Run Silent (Restructured) 
Dirty Mind (1990 Version)
A Piece of Heaven (DEMO)
Heroine (Live)
Dirty Mind (LIVE) 

 1. Break My Heart (Extended Version)
2. Heroine (Extended Version)
3. You're History (Maximized Version)
4. Run Silent (The Run Deep Mix)
5. Dirty Mind (Extended 1990 Version)
6. You Made Me Come To This (Extended Version)
7. Break My Heart (Shep Pettibone House Mix)
8. Heroine (Heavenly Remix)
9. You're History (Voodoo Remix)
10. Run Silent (Revolution Remix)
11. Dirty Mind (E-Zee Remix)
12. Break My Heart (Yesterday, Today Remix)

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