Sharem (Deep Dish) - Get Wild CD (Used)

borderline MUSIC

Advanced CD promo (Line in barcode) CD - opened but never played. Solo project from DEEP DISH member .

1. The Wild theme

2. She Came Along ft: Kid Cudi

3. Don't Say A Word ft: anousheh Khalili

4. Get Wild ft: Mario Vazquez

5. Sweat -- ft: Tommy Lee

6. The One ft: Daniel Bedingfield 

7. Be The Change - ft: Anousheh Khalili

8. Taxi - 

9. I Love The Way  ft: Morel

10. Duck, You Sucker 

11. Patt With Diddy - ft: Diddy 

12. Once Upon A Time in the west 

$ 20.00

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