Simple Minds - Big Music Tour Live LP VINYL -- RSD 2016

borderline MUSIC

Recorded during 2015’s highly acclaimed ‘Big Music’ Live Tour, this special Record Store Day exclusive double LP is pressed on red vinyl, featuring many of the Simple Minds classics hits from across the decades – "Don’t You Forget About Me", "Alive And Kicking","‘New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)" ‘Waterfront." Also included are live versions of some the tracks from the latest hit album‘Big Music. Limited to 2500 copies.

New sealed 

Side A
1. Let The Day Begin
2. Blindfolded
3. New Gold Dream
(81, 82, 83, 84)
Side B
1. Honest Town
3. Don’t You
(Forget About Me)
Side C
1. All The Things She Said
2. Let There Be Love
3. Someone Somewhere
In Summertime
4. Midnight Walking
Side D
1. Big Music
2. Sanctify Yourself
3. Alive And Kicking

$ 40.00

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