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borderline MUSIC

1998 album - PROMO (Gold promo stamp on cover sleeve bottom center) 

 His cover of the 70s hit song "The Air That I Breathe" is amazing! The album went to #1 in the UK and spawned 5 hit singles.
Singles Released:-
Singles Released:-
 Night Nurse (8-9-97) #13
 Say You Love Me (4-5-98) #7
The Air That I Breathe (10-8-98) #6
Ghetto Girl (30-11-98) #34
To Be Free
 Mellow My Mind (Promo Only)

1 Mellow My Mind
2 Blue
3 Say You Love Me
4 To Be Free
5 The Air That I Breathe
6 Someday in My Life
7 The Air That I Breathe Reprise
8 Broken Man
9 Come Get Me Angel
10 Night Nurse
11 Love Has Said Goodbye Again
12 High Fives

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