Sonique - Sweet Vibrations CD - New

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 Artist  Sonique
 Title  Sweet Vibrations  CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98


Sonique returned to dance music JAN 2011 with an new album. With this new release, Sonique dares and manages to balance between Jazz, Pop, Techno and dance. Featuring the first single WORLD OF CHANGE and a new remake of SAY A LITTLE PRAYER that will sure to be a dance floor hit. New/sealed CD


Track Listings
  1. Don't give a damn
  2. Cockney
  3. Say a little prayer
  4. take control
  5. world of change
  6. sweet vibrations
  7. Better than that
  8. Secrets
  9. You and Me
  10. No
  11. nana
  12. Running Away
  13. Together
  14. Cannot let you go

$ 16.98

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