Sophie B. Hawkins --- The Crossing +4 bonus CD - Used

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1 Betchya Got a Cure for Me
2 Sinner Man
3 The Land the Sea and the Sky
4 Georgia
5 Missing
6 Heart & Soul of a Woman
7 Life Is a River
8 Miles Away
9 I Don't Need You
10 Gone Baby
11 A Child
12 Dream St & Chance
13 Red Bird
14 Betchya Got a Cure for Me [Long]
15 Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover [Ac]
16 Missing [Original Demo] [Demo Version]
17 As I Lay Me Down [Ac]

Editorial Reviews

THE CROSSING is the brilliant 2012  album from legendary singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins. Contains 13 new songs plus 4 bonus tracks, including new acoustic versions of her biggest hits.

$ 9.00

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