Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Promo only New remixes) 2007 CD single - Used


Promo only release in 2007 -- Hot NEW remixes of her 80s iconic single. Housed in a jewel case with back art (no cover art as it was pressed) 

1 Stand Back (Tracy Young Takes You Home Mix) 11:26
2 Stand Back (Tracy Takes You Home Dub) 11:34
3 Stand Back (Tracy Takes You Home Mixshow) 6:53
4 Stand Back (Ralphi Rosario Beefy-Retro Mix) 11:12
5 Stand Back (Ralphi's Beefy-Retro Edit) 7:30
6 Stand Back (Morgan Page Vox) 7:02
7 Stand Back (Morgan Page Dub) 7:01

$ 25.00

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