Sunset Boulevard 1993 LONDON Cast (Patti LuPone) 2CD - Used

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London cast starring Patti LuPone, Kevin Anderson - 2 CD set with booklet - Little to no marks on discs. Housed  in a thick jewel case. 

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical 


Disc: 1

1 Act I: Prologue
2 Act I: Let's Have Lunch
3 Act I: Sheldrake's Office
4 Act I: On The Road/The House On Sunset
5 Act I: Surrender
6 Act I: With One Look
7 Act I: Salome
8 Act I: The Greatest Star Of All
9 Act I: Let's Have Lunch/Girl Meets Boy
10 Act I: The House On Sunset
11 Act I: New Ways To Dream
12 Act I: The Lady's Paying
13 Act I: The House On Sunset
14 Act I: The Perfect Year
15 Act I: Dialogue After The Perfect Year
16 Act I: Artie Green's Apartment
17 Act I: This Time Next Year
18 Act I: The House On Sunset

Disc: 2

1 Sunset Boulevard
2 Act II: The Perfect Year
3 Act II: Journey To Paramount
4 Act II: As If We Never Said Goodbye
5 Act II: Surrender
6 Act II: Girl Meets Boy
7 Act II: Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering
8 Act II: Too Much In Love To Care
9 Act II: New Ways To Dream
10 Act II: Sunset Boulevard
11 Act II: The Greatest Star Of All

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