Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Divine Operating System DELUXE CD/DVD - Used


Deluxe Edition CD + DVD 

DVD containing 5.1 audio mixes with leisure visuals, bio and photos (not music videos) The songs are set to photos, images, videos of the band)  housed in a gatefold sleeve. 

CD-01 Give Up 3:50
CD-02 Ghetto 4:22
CD-03 Catch Me 4:20
CD-04 Get Away 3:22
CD-05 Rock And A Hard Place 4:25
CD-06 Calamity Jane 5:19
CD-07 Divine 4:26
CD-08 Touch Me 4:11
CD-09 So Much More 5:54
CD-10 Freezer 4:25
CD-11 Perfect 5:01
DVD-01 Give Up 3:50
DVD-02 Ghetto 4:22
DVD-03 Catch Me 4:20
DVD-04 Touch Me 4:11

$ 8.00

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