T' Pau - ESSENTIAL 3CD set (Import) New


56 singles, album tracks, remixes, Live and Alternative Versions + 3 Exclusive New Tracks.


Three CD set. Curated directly with Carol Decker, this collection journeys through the entire career of the well-loved pop-rock outfit right from their 1987 debut single 'Heart And Soul' through to 2021's 'Guess Who's Sorry Now' and everything in between. Essential T'Pau features the UK Chart #1 smash hit 'China In Your Hand' alongside every other Top 40 hit as well as a number of original recordings from hit albums Bridge Of Spies, Rage and The Promise. Also included is a smattering of remixes, alternative and live versions as well as the first physical release of recent singles 'Run', 'Be Wonderful' and 'Guess Who's Sorry Now'.

1. Heart And Soul
2. China In Your Hand
3. Valentine
4. Sex Talk (LIVE)
5. I Will Be With You
6. Bridge Of Spies (US Single Edit)
7. Monkey Home
8. You Give Up (Full Length Version) 
9. Friends Like These
10. No Sense Of Pride
11. On The Wing
12. Giving My Love Away 

13. Still So In Love
14. Thank You For Goodbye Rides Again
15.  Walk Away Renee
16. I'm A Believer 
17. Whenever You Need Me (Extended) 
18. Soul Destruction (REMIX)


1. Secret Garden
2. Road To Our Dream (Edit) 
3. Only The Lonely (Guitar REMIX)
4. Whenever You Need Me
5.  Walk On Air
6. Soul Destruction (Remix/Edit)
7. Ony A Heartbeat (Single Edit)
8. Arms of Love
9. Island
10. Time Will Tell
11. This Girl 
12. Made Of Money

13. One Direction
14. A Place In My Heart
15.  The Promise 
16. Time Of Our Lives (LIVE) 
17. Call Me
18. Crying 

19. All The Love 

20. Dirty Town 


1. China In Your Hand (Full Lenght Version) 
2. Sex Talk 
3. Bridge Of Spies  (Full Lenght Version) 
4. Road To Our Dreams  (Full Lenght Version) 
5.  Only A Heartbeat
6.  Heart And Soul (DUB Mix)
7. Ony A Heartbeat (Single Edit)
8. Island (Canadian Remix) 
9. Arms Of Love  (Canadian Remix) 
10. Running Away (Canadian Remix) 
11. Heart And Soul (US Radio Edit) 
12. You Give Up (LIVE)

13. You Never Notice Me  (LIVE)
14. Downtown  (LIVE)
15. Hold On To Love (Acoustic Version) 

16. Run 
17. Be Wonderful
18. Guess Who's Sorry Now


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