Taylor Dayne - Naked Without You '98 - Used CD

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Taylor's 4th studio album released in 1998  - Used CD  light marks 

Although the album didn't chart in the USA - 2 singles became top10 Billboard club hits: REMIXES of the singles Whatever You Want #6  and Naked Without You #3.

12 tracks:
Don't make me love you 
Whenever you fall 
Naked Without You (co-written by Rick Nowels) 
Whatever You Want (written by Taylor Dayne and previously released by Tina Turner) 
You don't have to say you love me 
Love's gonna be on your side (co-written by Robbie Nevil and Taylor Dayne) 
There is no heart that won't heal (written by Diane Warren)
Soon as my heart breaks
Whatever you want (REMIX) 

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