The Black Party mixed by DJ Susan Morabito (Various) CD - Used

Borderline MUSIC

DJ Susan Morabito spins a set of high-energy music for high people on this disc. The Black Party is named for one of the marathon "circuit parties" that cater to a crowd of gay men with shared interests in bodybuilding and practical applications of chemistry. Cover art by David LaChappelle

CD has light markings - nothing concerning

1 Young Hearts - Gloworm
2 Angels Of Love - Nylon moon
3 No One Get The Price - Namby Pamby
4 Is There Anybody Out There - Back By Demand
5 Discobug - Freakyman
6 Catch - Sunscreen
7 Love From Above - Myndy K
8 Get Up Stand Up - Phunky Phantom
9 Holding You Close - Back By Demand
10 Life's Too Short - Hole In One
11 The Calling - Solar Stone

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