The Specialist : THE REMIXES CD - New


 Remixes from the 90s movie.  New.sealed  promo CD

1. turn the beat around (def classic mix)...Gloria Estefan (david morales mix)(7:36)

2. love is the Thing (spike boys club mix)... Donna Allen (Darrin friedman and hex hector mix)(9:04)

3. el amor (multiple orgasm mix)...azucar moreno (tony moran mix)(12:42)

4. el baile de la vela (ralphi's tribalground mix)...chelto (ralphi Rosario mix)(6:38)

5. jambala (alternate mix)...Miami Sound Machine (johnny vicious mix)(7:55)

6. Real (x-tended R&B mix)...donna Allen (david morales mix)(4:40)

7. shower me with love (Smoove soul 12")...Lagalyia (E-Smoove mix)(5:02)

8. turn the beat around (Damien's Fontainebleau mix)...Gloria Estefan (Phillip Damien mix)(7:19)

9. real (Def house mix)...Donna Allen (david morales mix) (7:54)

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