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2017 three CD set of 90s remixes . Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Twelve Inch Eighties and Twelve Inch Seventies ranges, comes the next collection Twelve Inch Nineties. Compiling rare extended and alternate mixes of some of the biggest hit singles of the '90s. See also "LOADED" and "INSOMNIA"


  1. Waiting For Tonight (Metro Mix) - Jennifer Lopez
  2. You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (Rosabel's Fiesta Mix) - Gloria Estefan
  3. Please Don't Go (Ocean Drive Mix) - No Mercy
  4. Unpretty (MJ Cole Remix - Vox Up) - TLC
  5. Chains (S&m Mix) - Tina Arena
  6. Right Beside You (Classic Club Mix) - Sophie B. Hawkins
  7. Someday (I'm Coming Back) (Absolute Remix) - Lisa Stansfield
  8. Summer Rain (Justin Strauss 12" Remix) - Belinda Carlisle
  9. Love Thy Will Be Done (Prince Mix) - Martika
  10. Can I Touch You There (Classic Club Version) - Michael Bolton


  1. Reverence (Monster Mix) - Faithless
  2. Fools Gold (Tall Paul Remix) - Stone Roses
  3. Jailbird (Dust Brothers Mix) - Primal Scream
  4. Tsunami (Electron Ray Tube Mix) - Manic Street Preachers
  5. Neighborhood (Live It! Club Mix) - Space
  6. Twist And Shout (Extended Mix) - Deacon Blue
  7. Itchycoo Park (Morales Mix) - M People
  8. Feel Good (Mutant Disco 12") - Phats & Small
  9. I Miss You (12" Mix) - Haddaway
  10. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (Club Mx) - Worlds Apart


  1. One For Sorrow (Tony Moran Extended Club Mix) - Steps
  2. Tearin' Up My Heart (Extended Version) - *N-sync
  3. Slam Dunk (Da Funk) (Candy Girls Vocal Club Mix) - Five
  4. Games (The Kids Get Hard Extended Version) - New Kids On The Block
  5. Summertime Of Our Lives (Metro Club Mix) - A1
  6. Could've Told You So (Extended Mix) - Halo James
  7. Let Me In (Tk Let Me Out Mix) - O.T.T.
  8. I'm A Man Not A Boy (Southport Rally Tony De Vit Snt Mix) - North And South
  9. Rollercoaster (Amen Uk Full Vocal Mix) - B*witched
  10. Only Fools (Ever Fall In Love) (Extended Club Mix) - Sonia

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