Ultra Hits (Pitbull, Rihanna. Ne-Yo, and more!) - CD

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"Hits" in this case refers to club hits, the sector in which the Ultra label specializes. Although there is nothing on the outside of the packaging to indicate it, the tracks on Ultra Hits are presented in the form of a mix from DJ David Waxman (who mixes many of the label's releases), and most of them peaked during the first half of 2009, with exceptions like Ne-Yo's midtempo four-four hit "Because of You," a 2007 single. This disc is, for the most part, a reflection of Billboard's U.S. club chart, led by Rihanna ("Breakin' Dishes") and Young Jeezy ("My President," featuring Nas), with a couple fitting ringers from Ultra's own stable thrown in for good measure (Chelley's "Took the Night," and Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me").



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