Various - Hedkandi Summer Mix 2008 - 2CD (SALE)

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New. NOT FACTORY SEALED.  The CDs were stored separately from the case for theft prevention, but have never been played.

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Two CD set. Digipak. 24 tracks. An incredible Summer Mix by Hed Kandi with 'When You Touch Me' - Freemasons, 'Unbelievable' - Richard Earnshow/Diane Brown, 'Freeze the Frame' - Panevino, 'Everyday of My Life' - C&C Family , 'Treadstone' - The Shapeshifters, 'Get It On'[Fish 'N' Chips Mix] - EyeReel Allstars/Lucy Clarke, 'Something Real' - Hott 22, 'Another Love '[Big Club Mix] - Mac Project/Therese. Disc: 2 ' Close To Heaven' [Chris Kaeser Remix] - Stonebridge, 'Show Me' [Club Mix] - Miss Bunty/The Sunlovers, ' I Believe' [Vandalism Club Mix] - Happy Clappers, 'Just Another Groove' [Tocadisco Remix] - Mighty Dub Katz and more sizzling surprises for those sultry sexy summer nights!

Disc: 1

  1. Freemasons - When You Touch Me
  2. Richard Earnshaw & Angie Brown - Unbelievable
  3. Panevino - Freeze The Frame
  4. Steve Haines - Be With You
  5. C&C Family - Everyday of my Life (Club Version)
  6. Alfred Azzetto feat Geneive Allen - Colors Are Forever (Vincent Valler Classic Mix)
  7. The Shapeshifters - Treadstone
  8. Eyereel Allstars feat. Lucy Clarke - Get It Ont (Fish 'n' Chips
  9. Sucker DJ's feat. Wray - Salvation (eSquire Remix)
  10. Hernandez vs. DJ Tyo - About Us (Extended Classic Mix)
  11. The Mac Project feat. Therese - Another Love (BIg Club Mix)


Disc: 2

  1. StoneBridge - Close to Heaven (Chris Kaesser Remix)
  2. Sunloverz feat. Miss Bunty - Show Me (Club Mix)
  3. Happy Clappers - I Believe (Vandalism Club Mix)
  4. Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove (Tocadisco Remix)
  5. Lil' Mo Yin Yang - Reach (TV Rock Mix)
  6. Skye 'n' Sugarstarr pres. CeCe Rogers - No Love Lost (Extended Mix)
  7. Mobin Masters feat. Robin S - Show Me Love (Safari Vocal Mix)
  8. Spit - Falling (Daddy's Groove Magic Island Mix)
  9. Wez Clarke - Someday (Original Instrumental)
  10. Vandalism - Smash Disco (Vandlaism's V8 Remix)
  11. DJ DJG Paramount (Dave Armstrong Remix)
  12. Hugh Gunnell & Paul Gardner feat. Jamie Principle

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