Venue vol. 5 (Various) Import CD - Mixed by Vassili Tsilichristos - Used

borderline MUSIC

USED CD -- 2002 from Greece  


Greek DJ / Producer / Compiler / Event Organizer. He Introduced house music to Athenian society and he is the owner of the biggest dance stages in Athens, Greece (Naming some: King Size, Cinema, Venue, Villa Mercedes). He created some of the most selling compilation series (House Experience - Venue - Round Trip Mykonos to St. Tropez etc.)


1 Bob Sinclar  The Beat Goes On
2 John Silver 
Come On Over 3:40
3 Godwin
Long Train Running 4:56
4 Kings of Tomorrow
I Want You (For Myself) (Luke Fair Mix) 9:14
5 Valentino  Flying 8:40
6 Jakatta ft: SEAL My Vision 6:32
7 Bernard Leon Howard III Mascarter (Morel Mix) 10:04
8 Mystic Duo What's Your Job? 5:55
9 Oscar G & Ralph Falcon ft: Oba Frank Lords  Dark Beat 9:17
10 Hil St. Soul
All That (+ A Bag O' Chips) 4:20

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