Wed-Rock = Benefit for Freedom to Marry (GAY) - Used CD

borderline MUSIC

Recorded live from the WedRock benefit concert at Crobar New York. 

 Alan Cumming  - Married

Lou Reed - walk on the wild side 

Lady Bunny - soap box 

Le Tigre - hot topic

Le Tigre ft: John Cameron Mitchell  - Deceptacon

 Margaret Cho -Read The Administration

Bob Mould  - see  the light

Sandra Bernhard - Don't let it bring you down

Sandra Bernhard - That's the way I always heard it should be 

Sandra Bernhard - Follow

Ben Jelen - talkin' about a revolution 

Moby + Laura Dawn - For what it's worth 

Sleater-Kinney - step aside

Sleater - Kinny - Fortunate son

John Cameron Mitchell - two headed boy 

John Cameron Mitchell + Margaret Cho  - Origin of Love 

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