Wilson Phillips - Greatest Hits CD - Used

borderline MUSIC

the group's hits plus solo tracks by Chynna Phillips and The Wilsons (Carnie & Wendy) plus rare 7", single edits & LIVE recordings. Light markings on the disc.

Track Listings

1 Hold on (Single Edit)
2 You Won't See Me Cry (LP Version)
3 You're in Love (Single/Radio Edit)
4 Impulsive (Single Edit)
5 Give It Up (New Extended Radio 7")
6 Release Me (Single Version)
7 The Dream Is Still Alive (Ac Remix)
8 Flesh and Blood (Single Edit)
9 Daniel (LP Version)
10 A Conversation with Wilson Phillips
11 Hotel California (Live in Japan)
12 Hold (Live in Japan)
13 Naked and Sacred (LP Version) -  Chynna Phillips 
14 Miracle (LP Version) -  The Wilsons (Carnie & Wendy)
15 Everything I Need (LP Version) -  The Wilsons (Carnie & Wendy)


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