Andy Bell / Erasure POP REMIXES 2 (Double CD)

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Artist  Andy Bell / Erasure
 Title  POP REMIXES vol.2  double CD
 Region  IMPORT

DJ compilation and pressing. Collection of rare Erasure / Andy Bell solo remixes on HQ glossy discs and front and back art. 

Format: Double CD

DJ collection of rare and out of print remixes by Erasure and Andy Bell - POP REMIXES vol.2 picks up after the official POP Remixes released by Erasure in 2009. Giving you a 2 CD set of rare and out of print remixes including the rare track by In_vox ft: Andy DJ edition by dj's for dj's
Track Listings
  1. Sometimes (john fleming's full vocal club mix) 7.06
  2. Rain (john Pleased wimmin vocal mix) 6.55
  3. In My Arms (Love II Infinity stratomaster mix) 6.44
  4. S.O.S (Chris & Cosey / perimeter mix) 5.18    (Abba Cover)
  5. Take A chance on Me (DMC /Take a Trance on me Mix) 13.24   (Abba Cover)
  6. Lay all your love on Me (Fortran 5 / No panties mix) 5.10   (Abba Cover)
  7. Voulez Vous (Fortran 5 / Brian Stem death test mix) 5.46
  8. Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor (Mark Freegard Mix) 4.59
  9. Will I Ever ? ft: in_vox (marsheaux extended mix) 6.21
  10. Crazy (MHC Stateside Remix) 8.43

  11. Chorus (Aggressive Trance Mix by Youth) 8.50


  1. Heart of Glass (original unreleased Live) 4.57  (Blondie cover)
  2. Rapture (Matt Darley mix) 6.34    (Blondie cover)
  3. A Little Respect (big train mix) 6.10
  4. Chains of Love (truly in love with The Marks bros mix) 7.25
  5. River Deep Mountain High (warm depths remix) 5.43
  6. No More Tears ft: KD Land (classic club mix) 6.04   (Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer Cover)
  7. Oh L'Amour (funky sisters remix) 7.08
  8. I Will Never fall in Love again (jaded alliance mix) 6.39
  9. Will I Ever? Ft: In_vox (chris 'the greek' club mix) 6.40
  10. Rain (blue amazon twisted circles mix) 12.50
  11. IN My Arms (love II infinity gyrator club mix) 9.11

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