Erasure - CLUB (Import remix EP) CD - Used

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2009 release containing six rare remixes by the Synth Pop duo, originally released only on vinyl. In 1990, Erasure released three promotional singles on twelve-inch vinyl. The records were sent to DJs to be played in clubs and were never made commercially available. The three releases have consequently become highly sought after items for Erasure collectors. Mute Records finally releases remastered versions of all six club mixes featured across the three original vinyl singles compiled onto this special CD EP. Mute.

1. PUSH ME SHOVE ME (Moonbeam Mix) 
2. PUSH ME SHOVE ME  (Catatonic Mix) 
3. SENSELESS  (Avalon Mix)
4. SHIP OF FOOLS  (Orbital Southsea isles of holy beats mix) 
5. SOMETIMES (Danny Rampling Mix) 
6. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD  (Heavy 'B' Mix) 

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