Grace Jones - Private Life: Compass Point Sessions 2CD REMIX - Import CD

borderline MUSIC

Import only release - double CD - New

 26 tracks 

 remixes, 12", long versions, hits, bsides, 7" and more. 


Private Life (long version)

Private Life (dub version)

Love is the drug (long version)


Warm Leatherette (Long version)

The hunter gets captured by the game (long version)

I've done it again 

Pars (long version)

Pull up to the pumper 

Use me 

She's lost control (long version)

She's lost control (DUB)

-     -----CD2

Walking in the rain

 Cry now, laugh later


The apple Stretching 

Nipple to the bottle (12" version)

My Jamaican Guy ( 12" version)

Feel Up 

I've seen that face before (Listerango)

Demolition man (Long version)

Unlimited capacity for love

 Ring of fire (Demo)

Man around the house 

Living my life (7" version)

Slave to the rhythm (hot blooded version) 


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