INXS Unreleased Remix Collection CD

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Artist  INXS
 Title  Unreleased Remix Collection CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98


EMMY Music did it again, the out of print / unreleased CLUB mixes from INXS

This REMIX CD Includes 2 rare MAX Q (Michael hutchence solo remix from the 90's). Provided by An Import DJ Service - for DJ by DJ's w/ Full Artwork.
Track Listings
  1. cut your roses down (sure is pure mix) 8.31
  2. please [you got that need] (e-smoove club mix 6.02
  3. i'm only looking (david morales bad yard mix) 8.20
  4. what you need (cold cut full vocal mix) 6.26
  5. devil inside (12 inch mix) 6.28
  6. need you tonight (big bump mix) 8.26
  7. not enough time (ralphie rosario mix) 6.45
  8. the gift (extended mix) 6.46
  9. girl on fire (keepin' it tight mix) 4.39
  10. the one thing ( original 12 inch mix)6.08
  11. way of the world (12 inch MAX Q mix ) 4.37
  12. sometimes (rock house MAX Q mix) 5.46

$ 16.98

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