scissor sisters Filthy Remix Collection CD (SALE)

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Artist  scissor sisters
 Title  Filthy Remix Collection (SALE)
 Region  Import
 Price  $15.98



DJ  series - collection of rare and out of print REMIXES of SS best mixes !!

(Jake Shears) 

Provided by A DJ Service - for DJ by DJs w/ Full Artwork.

Track Listings
  1. Take Your Mama (hot chip remix) 5.08
  2. Comfortably Numb (paper faces mix) 8.28
  3. Filthy Gorgeous (paper faces remix) 8.53
  4. I don't feel like dancin' (Linus loves vocal edit) 4.02
  5. Laura (paper faces remix) 7.53
  6. Mary (mylo remix) 5.5
  7. Electrobix (hungry wives remix) 5.18
  8. She's My Man (goose remix) 4.59
  9. Land of a thousand words (junkie XL remix) 5.18
  10. Comfortably Numb (ATOC extended edit) 5.39
  11. Filthy Gorgeous (extended mix) 5.44
  12.  I don't feel like dancin' (erol alkan's Carnival of Lights remix)
  13. Laura (city HI FI remix) 4.25

$ 15.98

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