Cher - The Remix Collection Vol.1 CD

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Artist  Cher
 Title  Remixed Vol. 1 CD
 Region  IMPORT

  Vol.1 collection of rare and unreleased mixes. DJ service compilation and pressing on HQ disc with full artwork housed in a jewel case.  Also available Vol.2 & 3 


 1. Believe (Almighty Definitive Mix) 7:35
2. One By One (Junior Vasquez's Vocal Club Anthem Mix) 8:45
3. Strong Enough (Pumpin' Dolls Club Mix)  7:23
4. All Or Nothing (Almighty Mix) 8:33
5. If I Could Turn Back Time (Almighty Unreleased Mix)  7:52
6. Walking In Memphis (Shut Up N' Dance Mix) 6:37
7.  Music's No Good Without You (Almighty Mix) 8:02
8. Song For The Lonely (Mindtrap Club Mix) 6:07
9. Shoop Shoop (it's in his kiss) (Nikolas/Sibley Mix) 6:51
10. Dove' L'Amore (HiFi Flamenco Radio Mix) 3:43
11. Take Me Home (Casablanca's 12" Original Disco Mix) 7:47

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