Cher - The Remix Collection Vol.2 CD (SALE)

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Artist  Cher
 Title  Remixes vol.2  CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $

 Volume 2 to the DJ promo series - Rare and out of print remixes compiled and pressed by a DJ service housed in a jewel case with full art.  Also available vol. 1 & 3 


LIMITED SALE PRICE to Celebrate CHER's 25th Anniversary Edition of BELIEVE and her first ever CHRISTMAS CD --

1. Paradise Is Here (Junior's Arena Anthem Mix) 10:47
2. A Different Kind Of Love Song (Rosabel's Attitude Vocal Mix) 8:57
3. Love One Another (Eddie Baez Club Mix) 8:45
4. Dov E' L'amore (Tony Moran Anthem Mix) 9:56
5. When The Money's Goner (Manny Lehman's Vocal Mix) 9:23
6. Cher Medley (Almighty Mix) 10:04
7. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Jr. Vasquez 1998 Remix) 8:25
8. Love Is In The Air (Demo Unreleased Version) 4:58
9. Skin Deep  ('88 Extended Dance Mix) 7:49)

$ 14.98

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