Whitney Houston REMIX Collection vol.1 CD

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 Artist  Whitney Houston
 Title  REMIX Collection vol.1 
 Region  IMPORT CD
 Price  $16.98


Gone too Soon, Celebrate the life and voice with her collection of Remixes by Emmy Music Check Out vol's 1-4

Collection of Official REMIXES Provided by a Import DJ Service - for DJ by DJ's w/ Full Artwork.
Track Listings
  1. It's not right but it's Okay (Thunderpuss) 9:07
  2. One of those Days (Almighty Mix) 6:44
  3. My love is your Love (Thunderpuss Mix) 8:30
  4. I learned from the best (HQ2 Uptempo Mix Edit) 4:26
  5. Heartbreak Hotel  (Hex Hector Mix) 10:16
  6. Whatchulookinat  (Thunderpuss Club Anthem) 11:50
  7. Try it on my own (Thunderpuss Mix) 9:38
  8. Same Script, Different Cast (Soundfactory Edit 101) 4:19
  9. I Didn't Know my Own Strength (Master Mix) 8:26
  10. How Will I Know (Original 12" Mix) 6:24

$ 16.98

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