January 2019

Happy New Year ! and what a year it was -- We relocated our stores inventory from Chicago IL to LA, CA - Thank you all that were so patient as our inventory took longer to arrive then expected. But we are here and our office is all set up. In the Spring we will begin looking for a possible storefront here in LA, CA (Near West Hollywood / Hollywood). But our online store continues to grow. Thank you ALL for your support and we will continue to bring in the best, rare, collectible, unreleased items for you. 

New this month : Backstreet Boys "The Unreleased Mixes" -- all the remixes the group left off their Best Of + Mixes CD. 

Belinda Carlisle - COLORED Vinyl (Limited Official IMPORT Pressings) on her 4 studio albums from 1987-1993

New : DJ compilation and pressing on Streisand's "DON'T LIE TO ME" with all the glorious remixes.

Katy Perry vol2 , Cyndi Lauper vol.2 of the UNRELEASED MIXES on CD are in stock and coming this month LADY GAGA vol.2 and QUEEN remix collection. 

We are continuing to beef up our VINYL new and used so keep checking back.

Make sure you sign up for our mass emails -- sending exclusive coupons and more. 

Here is an amazing 2019 -- 

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