November 2019

Fall is here and so it begins with the release of many titles for the Holiday season. 

Just in the latest LISTEN UP! vol.118 and as always available in a continuous or non-continuous version.  

Katy Perry's 2 latest remix DJ promo CD remix singles for NEVER REALLY OVER featuring 17 remixes and SMALL TALK Featuring 16 official and white label unreleased remixes. 

Belinda Carlisle's Import new GOLD 3 CD featuring all the hits, rare and some new tracks.  Plus GOLD is available on a 2 Disc GOLD pressed vinyl 

Still available Janet Jackson's official 12" remix LP vinyl for "MADE FOR NOW" -- It has been a while that an artist has released a great remix 12" vinyl. 

Coming soon remix collections on Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Madonna Extended Versions and Madame X REMIXED -- 

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  • Anthony says...

    Wow, I never knew you existed before. I used to purchase from Perfect Beat in California til they closed up. I may have just found my new source. The Whitney/Kygo remix cd piques my interest.

    November 12, 2019

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